Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Back To School

It's that magical time of year again!
The stores are littered with packages of wide ruled paper. School supply lists are hanging at the end of every isle, and many of our children are endlessly begging for fancy pencil holders, sparkly markers and brand new back packs.

They are wide eyed with excitement and anticipation of their return to school.

We are tired.

Some of us are confused.

"What is it the teacher wants, and why do we need 47?"

It's thrilling.

Let's be honest, for most of us, our hate for back to school shopping is rivaled only by the love for it our children possess. I don't know about your children, but mine spend a great deal of time going over their lists, planning and dreaming of what they will buy.

The only thing I try to figure out is, when is the least busiest time to go.

I know, I know.

This time goes by so quickly, and I will be sad when it exists no more.

I have older children, I get it.

You are not wrong.

You are also not right.

That's the thing that hit me the other day.


That instinct to protect, to care for and nurture...mothering.

It's who we are, it's how we are made. 

But you know what?

We are given these children and constantly, from almost the beginning of their arrival, we have to let them go.

We have to let them go.

Have you ever stopped to think how something that we love so much is constantly moving and working to "go".

Everything we do is preparing them to leave, and we let them go a million little times. Slowly preparing us both for the bigger steps that inevitably come.

The firsts, and the lasts.

I wonder why God did this to us. Why He created such love and wrapped it up in a package that we would constantly be wanting to..."keep to ourselves".

No that doesn't seem right.

We are continually opening, evolving and growing these gifts that we love so much and...we want to share them. We want others to experience these children we know are destined to influence and change the world.

Children that grow, who explore and learn, children who shine so brightly you know their light can not be hidden. 

Children you want to hold on to forever, and you will, just not in the same way we did when they were placed in our arms for the very first time. 

You know you have to let them go.

Mostly you know this because they are constantly trying to get away from you and you are tired, and all you can do is say, "fine, go, give it a shot!"

So we watch them crawl and then toddle. We hold our breath as they walk and then run. Then we pray like never before as they ride and then drive away.

It's what they are supposed to do. It won't look the same for every child, each one is unique, and each one will "go" as they are meant to.

Oh my, well that took a left turn. I was going to talk about school supplies...sometimes I never know what's going to come out of my fingers until they hit the keys...I do love a good surprise though. 


  1. Awww... DC is no longer in school and I don't miss the list of school supplies that come home unused at the end of the year, but all of the unopened and unused items are not the same items that are on the list for the following year (and yes, why do you need 47?) but I get this...

  2. My girls brought home tons of leftover folders and water color paints last year...they loved it but it made me rethink my supply purchasing this year for sure. We have finally gotten to the point with Cooper where I buy nothing and just say, "let me know if you need something!"