Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Happy Birthday Little Sisters

Oh little sisters, you have known your brother and Autism from the very beginning of your lives.

It is your normal,

it's our family's normal now.

You didn't have to adjust to it.

You didn't have to accept a change in your routines or learn to do things differently.

It is all you have known.

A life with Autism.

It doesn't seem that long ago that you realized not all brothers were "buddies" and it started to occur to you...

your brother is different.

Watching you two grow these last eleven years has been an incredible gift. You are loving and smart, soaking up everything around you. Quick to use humor and your kindheartedness overflowing, you are the perfect little sisters for a brother that will continue to face many challenges through out his life.

I have watched you take his hand in parking lots, and while the casual observer probably assumed he was watching out for you, I knew you were making sure he was safe.

I have listened as you asked to be the one to give him a special treat because you wanted to see how excited he would be.

I have watched as you carefully picked out the perfect gifts for him on his birthday and Christmas, knowing he would not do the same for you.

I held back tears as time and again you protectively explained to your friends things that might make your brother upset.

Today is your birthday.

You are growing up so fast and as much as I would like to freeze time, I am equally excited to see what God has planned for your lives. Because I know that the kindness and patience you have shown to your brother so far, is only the beginning of what you can do in this world.

You have both asked why I do not write about you, why I write about your brother. So I want to tell you why.

I write about your brother and the impact of Autism on our lives so that others will know they are not the only ones. I write about him to hopefully help people understand his potential and see his value to our community and world. I share his story because he can't and his story is important.

The truth is, I don't write about you because, it's not my story to tell.

It is yours.

The two of you will write your stories, and you will write them well.

What I want you to know is this, I can not wait to read them.