Tuesday, September 6, 2016

School Pick-up Line Confessional: Braless Patience

Cooper and Carlton taking a rest on the rocks
I remember my mother commenting once on how much patience I have with Cooper. At the time I just said, "well what else am I going to do."

Cooper does things his own way, in his own time. 

That's not so different from the rest of us, except in some ways it really is.

Yesterday we went to Lowes. My husband was shopping for a new leaf blower and we also wanted to look at some rocks for landscaping. 

Our daughter was driving in from college to spend the night. She was almost in town so she met us at the store and picked up her two little sisters, for some extra visiting. This left just me, my husband and Cooper to shop. 

Sounds lovely doesn't it.

I could leave it right there and you would think what a perfect day, perfect family. Man, they are really doing great. Some of you might even think, "if only we could do that." 

Well, you can stop, because how does that song go about a rolling down hill like a snowball headed for...you know where I am going with this...

it did not go well.

Mind you it's went worse, but it did not go good. 

It had been a while since we have had to abandon ship, but abandon ship we did and Cooper led the way.

We arrived at the store and everyone got out. The girls ran over to their sister's car, hopped in and they were off. Cooper was headed for the store and my husband and I were right behind him. We were almost in the store when Cooper started asking for the little girls. 

It was at this point that I knew we were headed for stormy seas. I also realized it was all my fault. I did nothing to prep him.


When we are going somewhere, or I am leaving, I write out for Cooper what is going on. He reads it and he's good. You see, he doesn't easily process a lot of spoken words, but he can read.

So here we are with a guy who has no idea what is going on or where his sisters are...and my husband wants to read about every leaf blower the store has to offer, and go up and down every isle twice looking for just the right rocks.

And me, well...I was trying to have patience...with both of them and myself. I was blaming myself because I should have known better, but still...I make mistakes.

Patience: "the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset."

None of us were overflowing with patience on this trip. Cooper was pointing at every leaf blower saying, "that one!"
My husband was determined to finish reading, and I was determined not to say the bad words in my head, out loud.

I put my hand on Cooper's arm and I could feel him trembling, and I knew. We had pushed him to the limit. 

He ran.

We ran.

We caught him and we left.

When my husband put Cooper in the car he turned the child safety locks on the doors. Cooper has only opened the door on a moving car once. Once is enough. When Cooper is upset we child lock the doors.

So this morning I had to take the little girls to school at the last minute. Typically their daddy takes them, but every once in while I do. I'm just going to keep it real here and tell you that I was in my pajamas and without a bra. I have never, not put on pants and a bra to take my children to school.

Until today.

I have never, ever had to get out of the car when I have taken the my children to school.

Until today.

I pulled through the drop off line, stopped the car, told them to "have a good day" and they said...

"mom unlock the door."

Child locks.

I held up the very long drop off line as I got out in all of my glory and walked around to open the door and let them out.

Braless Patience, 

Free flowing, unhindered.

Oh God you do have a sense of humor and a lot of patience.


  1. Knowing the kind of luck I have, I have never done this - Not that I make an effort to look good, but I know my luck - I'd happen right into the middle of a news report of a newspaper photo shoot -

  2. Hahaha I should have known better!! Lesson learned!!