The Mom I Am

The Mom I am is tired.
But the Mom I am is not finished.
She is not finished growing and learning.
she is not finished mothering.
The Mom I Am

Photo Credit: ebethclay.
And she is quite certain at this point
that this mothering thing, well
it is an unending, ever evolving adventure
one of the greatest in life.
And she needs coffee.
The Mom I am understands it truly is an almost indescribable gift from God.
A gift that is simultaneously torn into and gently unwrapped.
The Mom I am is grateful.
She is grateful for her children
and chocolate.
She rests in the noise and works in the peace.
She prepares and recharges,
but sometimes she forgets and sometimes she does nothing.
The Mom I am needs truth and grace.
She needs forgiveness and peace.
She needs Jesus.
The Mom I am is learning to stand back and be present,
to rest and stay involved,
to bake cookies and not eat them all.
The Mom I am picks her battles
and is realizing she doesn't always pick the right ones.
The Mom I am is not perfect
and she doesn't need to be.
Because these things;
the joy,
the pain,
the good,
the bad,
the laughter,
the tears,
the heartbreak,
the love,
are all experiences that exist only in imperfection.
They are incredible gifts that can only be discovered in the brokenness of
The Mom I Am.

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